ComplyPro Qatar Rail Case Study

Case Study Soundbite: See how Qatar Rail are utilising ComplyPro on the Doha Metro and Lusail Light Rail Programme

Comply Serve are excited to announce we have launched our latest soundbite which outlines how our award winning product ComplyPro is used by Qatar Rail on the Doha Metro and Lusail Light Rail Programme – Click here to see nowQatar Rail Utilising ComplyPro on Doha Metro Soundbite

This is an ambitious rail infrastructure programme- the estimated USD 40 billion Doha Metro, aims to develop a world-class, efficient public transportation system, which deliver over 750km of railways both under and over ground, with a total of over 100 stations and is targeted for completion by 2030, in line with Qatar’s National Vision.

Qatar Rail needed to control the delivery of the infrastructure, mandate its processes, ensure suppliers worked to the same procedures and guarantee the safety of the project. ComplyPro is the tool that is being used to make this reality.

Qatar Rail and Comply ServeThe entire supply chain has been mandated by Qatar Rail, including all design and build contractors, to use ComplyPro as part of their corporate Progressive Assurance strategy. With several hundred ComplyPro users globally, across all three key projects.

Implemented as a single, shared SaaS solution across all principle contractors, ComplyPro delivers a progressive view of compliance across all programme specifications and contractual obligations, with a focus on technical, safety and environmental requirements. It enables Qatar Rail to oversee every element and more importantly allows the sub-contractors to communicate and work with each other.

Commenting on the use of ComplyPro, Paul McLarnon, director of Safety & System Assurance at Qatar Rail said:

“We adopted the system so that managers and design verification engineers could effectively manage and control project progress and design changes over the lifetime of the programme. It adds discipline and traceability and helps us identify the gaps, achieve consistency and minimise diversity. Without ComplyPro at the hub we would struggle to capture and work with the vastness of all this data across so many contracts”

The use of ComplyPro enables internationally dispersed project engineering teams to demonstrate the compliance of project design and build against agreed specifications as it progresses – sharing one version of the truth with full traceability throughout the project lifecycle.

The result is a more efficient process that consequently saves time and resources, ensuring that issues and risks are efficiently identified and mitigated throughout the design and build phases, reducing rework and the ‘whole life’ costs of the railway network. This is an integral element to ensure the successful delivery of such a massive and complex programme.

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