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Progressive Assurance on Banedanmark Signalling & Electrification Programmes

Comply Serve features in the August 2014 edition of Railway Strategies magazine in an article highlighting the Banedanmark rail project.

Railway Strategies Banedanmark Feature Aug 14Comply Serve, specialists in Progressive Assurance software, has partnered with Banedanmark, Rail Net Denmark, to deliver its ComplyPro project compliance and requirements management software for the ambitious billion-krone Danish signalling and the 500km electrification programmes.

In an exceptional first, the signalling programme includes the renewal of the entire signalling  infrastructure for both the Copenhagen S-bane (metro system), and Banedanmark’s Fjernbane (railway network) – 2100 km of lines and 3200 km of tracks, serving around 560 trains from four major operators.

banedanmarkMorten Soendergaard, programme director said: “Over 80 per cent of the Danish current signalling systems are 40 to 50 years old, and 50 per cent of all infrastructure-related train delays are due to signalling failures. To prevent a further rise in delays, a decrease in punctuality, and an increase in potentially critical breakdowns, not to mention the fatal risk of signal failure, investment in a total signalling renewal programme is essential and more cost effective long-term.”

ComplyPro provides two key benefits to the project team: visibility of requirements and impact. With over 5000 project demands, ComplyPro ensures that these are clearly documented and traceable. It also assesses the impact of unforeseen changes, top-down or bottom-up, allowing management to make informed decisions before critical milestones are reached.

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