Qatar Rail and Comply Serve

Qatar Rail partners with Comply Serve to deliver Progressive Assurance

Comply Serve, market leaders in Progressive Assurance solutions for the infrastructure sector, recently featured in Construction Computing Magazine after securing contracts to supply ComplyPro® ‘Software-as-a-Service’ solutions and consultancy to Qatar Rail, for its ambitious rail infrastructure programme.

This includes the estimated USD 40 billion Doha Metro, aiming to develop a world-class, efficient public transportation system. Qatar Rail has mandated that the entire supply chain, including all design and build contractors, use ComplyPro as part of their corporate Progressive Assurance strategy. With several hundred ComplyPro users across all three key projects, this represents one of the most complete, lifecycle implementations of the Comply Serve Progressive Assurance solution to date for large-scale infrastructure programmes.

Qatar Rail partners with Comply ServeBefore work began on the Lusail Light Rail Transit project, followed by the Doha Metro and Long Distance Passenger and Freight Rail projects, Qatar had no railway infrastructure at all. The programme is driven by the Qatar Government’s National Development Strategy that sets out to improve the wellbeing of all Qatari citizens, and places a great emphasis on improved transport infrastructure. The rail infrastructure programme aims to deliver over 750 km of railways both under and over ground, with a total of over 100 stations, and is targeted for completion by 2030, in line with Qatar’s National Vision.

ComplyPro fully integrates into large-scale infrastructure projects from the start, enabling all parties to progressively monitor the health of a project with unprecedented visibility. With the ComplyPro system, internationally dispersed project engineering teams are able to demonstrate compliance of project design and build against agreed specifications as it progresses – accessing a common point of reference with full traceability – throughout the project lifecycle.

Commenting on the use of ComplyPro for Progressive Assurance and hazard management, Paul McLarnon, director of safety & system assurance at Qatar Rail said: “The system allows us to deliver consistency, efficiencies and standardisation of data across the supply chain, within an agreed framework. Progressive assurance captures all assurance elements and gives all parties the single version of the truth at any given point in time, with full visibility and status.”

McLarnon added: “We adopted the system so that managers and design verification engineers could effectively manage and control project progress and design changes over the lifetime of the programme. It adds discipline and traceability and helps us identify the gaps, achieve consistency and minimise diversity giving us total interoperability between all lines, infrastructure systems and rolling stock. Without ComplyPro at the hub we would struggle to capture and work with the vastness of all this data across so many contracts.”

He concluded: “Programme requirements are clearly defined as each contract is awarded. As we go through the design process the system highlights all the key stages in design delivery, testing and commissioning before we go into handover and the various trial operations stages. Our remit to the Qatar Ministry of Transport is to deliver a railway based on the best world practices. In this methodology we have modelled ComplyPro as progressive assurance tool for delivery and information at all key stages.”

Qatar Rail partners with Comply ServeQatar Rail is confident in the software’s ability to deliver project-wide safety Progressive Assurance and hazard management as specified by the Chief Technical Officer. Implemented as a single, shared ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solution across all principle contractors, ComplyPro delivers a progressive view of compliance across all programme specifications and contractual obligations, with a focus on technical, safety and environmental requirements. It enables Qatar Rail to oversee every element and more importantly allows the sub-contractors to communicate and work with each other. The result is a more efficient process that consequently saves time and resources, which is an integral element of such a massive and complex programme.

The Long Distance Passenger and Freight Rail network is 510 km in length boasting 128 bridges, 11 stations and 7 freight yards. Phase 1 of the long distance network is due for completion in 2018. The Lusail Light Rail Transit system is under construction and comprises 4 tramway lines, 32km of track and 37 stations, 10 of which are underground. The Doha Metro (Phase 1 and 2) consists of four lines, 216 km of track and 114km of tunnels with 93 stations, and will handle train speeds of 100 kmph. Phase 1 is set to be operational in 2019.

Chris Rolison, Comply Serve founder, said: “Our key objective is to work closely with Qatar Rail to ensure that the rail infrastructure programme is being designed and delivered to meet exacting client specifications, avoiding costly rework and surprises. It is natural for a project of this size to have challenges. ComplyPro ensures that issues and risks are efficiently identified and mitigated throughout the design and build phases which dramatically improves design and build quality reducing rework and the ‘whole life’ costs of the railway network.”

“The Middle East is particularly forward thinking in this area and we are experiencing a major uptake in the use of ComplyPro, which is very encouraging as it shows that more engineers are benefitting from the efficiencies of the Progressive Assurance approach,” Rolison added.

The Qatar Rail network will ultimately provide services for both freight and passengers, with benefits including lower cost transportation, faster journeys than highway alternatives and reduced levels of highway traffic. In addition, the new infrastructure will allow more efficient travel to residential and vital commercial areas within the state. The project will also contribute and support the increased tourism and economic activity that will be generated from the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which Qatar won in 2010.

Qatar Rail partners with Comply Serve to deliver Progressive Assurance

The feature appears in Construction Computing Magazine, Vol 10, No 6, Nov/Dec 2014, pp.20-21.

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